Here Freedom Lies

August 8, 2011
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"A Green jacket floating in a white sea

Look up and see the white stars

Watch the yellow horses roam without a care

Lose yourself in the majesty of the brilliance of the red and majestic eagle

Freedom is calling and she is screaming your name

Its flying in the air, Its roaming on the ground

Wake up and smell the salt water

Let the sand dirty your feet

Promise yourself freedom for freedom is what you need

Sail the green sea on a scorching summer day

Freedom is now and shes here to stay

Hang on through all of the ride's ups and downs

For Freedom is here and she is not going anywhere

Freedom is singing

For home now more than ever is really home

Shine like an unlimited specialist

For now, in whole truth, there really is no place like this place

Be a star to your own time and day

Like Freedom is to her own generation's claim

Don't over analyze her, don't even take it into consideration

She can't be taken too seriously

And now that shes here

Free yourself in your mind

Unleash the animal and don't tame the beast

Let yourself free from yourself

For you can be your own most terrifying tyrant

Buy a new mentality, buy a new you

Buy these and more for free from Freedom

Shes quite the generous type

Know now

In this place

In your heart

In plain sight

In whole truth

Freedom Lies

Those days are now days of old

These are new days

These days are new times

Colorful new days

They are awaiting for you to start living in them

In dreams,

In children,

In the night sky,

In the darkness,

In the light,

In you,

Here Freedom lies

Here, there and everywhere

Here Freedom breathes

Here Freedom sings

Here Freedom is and she is not afraid

Here Power is because Freedom is

Here in you

Freedom is a dream for you to come true

Here Freedom Lies

Inside like a friendly parasite

Not scared to admit that you are her lover

Whenever you're ready to live in her

Freedom is a promise

A promise of life

A promise for humanity

A promise to humanity

So take my promise

Be my promise

Be faithful to it

So take my promise and my hand, freedom awaits

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