Beauty in my breakdown

August 5, 2011
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There's beauty in my breakdown,
so it's best to let me fall.
My towers of strength are crumbling,
I've built them up too tall.
The foundations were too weak,
let them fall to the ground.
Next time I'll make them steady,
with extra strength around.

So don't try to catch me,
and don't cushion my blow,
It's something I need to go through,
I must in order to grow.
Falling makes you feel alive,
it builds your strength inside,
It trains you up for worse to come,
and shows the pain you hide.

I can't do this without you,
so be there when I need to cry,
Hold your arms out just in case,
and wipe my tears dry.
I may be physically weak,
but that's just my outer shell,
My life's made me a rock,
It's trained me up well.

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