let it be

August 5, 2011
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I remember when we were supposed to be,
A happy couple sitting in a pear tree,
But this thought was only in my dreams
Because I only could see,
And you were not beside me.
I had vision that we would be together,
Almost thought we would last forever,
We both could walk through any weather.

I thought you were the one,
The one that made me laugh and have fun.
The person that could make me smile,
The one that would be by my side for a while.

You were the only one who understood me,
And liked me for who I wanted to be.
You could help me through any fight,
You guided me so I could get through to the light.

It’s like we haven’t talked in a year,
Like theirs no one to help me fight the fear.
I miss talking to you all night,
You were always right.

It’s like you threw a dart,
Because u broke my heart.
Now we can’t be,
because you picked him over me.

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