Jikan wa tomatte iru - Part 2

July 24, 2011
By Yokosama SILVER, TÄBY, Other
Yokosama SILVER, TÄBY, Other
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Hundreds of years later, a woman she met
A woman that landed in the sea and got wet
She was a woman she had never seen before
With her beams, she helped her to the shore
The two of them talked and the goddess found out
Of how she could become human, though she had some doubt
But there was something that was worth to try
Because then maybe, she could tell her brother goodbye
Live her life and fall in love
Spread her wings and fly like a dove
She talked to the woman, they agreed that she would take her place
Go back as her and have her face
When the former goddess took the woman’s place, the woman went away
She blinked and opened her eyes, it was a new day
She met a man lying on that very same cliff
He looked just like him and her body grew stiff
It was his descendant that she met
And this time she thought, what she wanted she could get
But when they had fallen in love and were content
The brother found out and told her to repent
Somewhere far away she could hear the other woman say
That if she wanted peace, there was a way
She could clearly hear the woman speak
Of how she should act, to away from her brother sneak
It all worked out and her brother was gone
Finally her life she had won
As she woke she was lying down
Her body felt weak and she had a bad physique
The doctors told her she was very ill
Though that there was a way out, if it was her will
She could freeze her body to escape her deathbed
In an invention, known as the igloo-bed
Then medicine could be brought and cure her
So that one day she could be better
They told her that she was with child
Her heart beat was no longer mild
Was that man the father of this child?
What had happened to her, to make her so wiled?
She agreed to the treatment, and time sweep
Until the child was ready for her to keep
The child and she were healthy and well
Together they went back and fell
Further and further until they were back
In the world she came from, she had a flashback
Of the time she had betrayed her brother to end being a goddess
So she could live her life and feel her lover’s caress
The child was born; it was a girl
Her brother found her, her head was in a whirl
The woman came back and agreed to take back her place
Raise the child as hers and the child’s goddess mother replace
Goddess of the sun she became once more
Watching her child that she adore
Growing up without her, with a replaced mother
Never to know of whom she was, and meet her mother’s brother
The girl grew up, and the goddess watched
The other woman did her job at every cost
She acted as the girl’s mother and grew to love her as her own
Even though she knew, she was only hers on loan
It couldn’t be helped, she was so cute
After all a goddesses child must have a beauty to suit
The goddess had told the woman one night, a name
A name that her daughter was to be named
Yurika, the woman named the daughter
Yurika, grew up to be just like water
Always hurrying, following something
Making the world her playground and anything in in it her plaything
She was beautiful, with a face always smiling
Smiling so brightly, her eyes were always shining
Her mother’s physique, but her face was bleak
Her hair was long and light though her eyes were dark as night
His eyes she had gotten and her hair she had received
But her heart was her own, and filled with not her mother's hurt or nor her father's conceit

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