Jikan wa tomatte iru - Part 1

July 24, 2011
By Yokosama SILVER, TÄBY, Other
Yokosama SILVER, TÄBY, Other
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A girl there once was, awake all night
Her name was Chup Kamuy
Her moonlight shone bright each night
Alone she spent her life
Twice a day she met her brother
No friends she had, no one other
Her hair was longer than to her feet
Then came the day the fated were to meet
She saw him lie on a cliff so still
A few meters further and the fall would kill
His face was pale and his hair long and dark
And through it, the moonlight showed her mark
Every night she watched him, beginning to end
Only noticing his beauty, not seeing his friend
He became dearer to her heart and she grew to love him
And for the first time she went down from the moon on a whim
She looked as a human for a moment still
Please, brother hear my will
Let me stay here with him just now
She pleaded and kneeled to a bow
Then she walked towards the cliff to see
But when she saw she wished to flee
The man had not lied there alone night after night
He had united with women dressed in white
Adultery they had committed over and over
But the woman was determined to go there
Even for a moment, even as a lover
She wanted to be with him and no other
A night they spent together and one night alone
Then morning came and she went home
She pleaded with her brother to change positions with her
He finally listened to his sister
The goddess of the moon was no longer there
And the love was nowhere
The woman was now the goddess of the sun
And never again did she do what she once had done

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