August 5, 2011
I smile
When I'm broken underneath
People say I don't take things seriously
But truth is,
Smiling is my way of hiding unwanted emotions
The tears, the pain, the anger
So I smile all the time
In fact I smile so much
That when I cry it floods
My tears fall endlessly
Washing away every bit of my sanity
Sorrow and pain
Reveal themselves
When I am behind closed doors
Behind closed doors the camera rolls
Capturing every desperate image
Curled up in that corner
Arms covered in goosebumps
Though the room is warm and comfortable
Wishing for someone to wrap their arms around me
Hoping for that person to see through my eyes
And see what's behind that smile of mines
A smile that won't ever leave my face
Even if I tried
Because that is the way I hide
Away from the world
The world that hurt me so badly inside

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russianreader said...
Aug. 24, 2011 at 7:34 pm
i luv it!!!!! so much!
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