But he said he loved me.

July 7, 2011
By Anonymous

“Please stop…”

she trembles under his weight, unsuccessfully pushing his hands away

“shhh, youll love it. i promise.”

he smiles at her protests, like this is all just some twisted game.

she fights back tears as he pulls her dignity around her ankles.

desperate attempts to free herself are halted when she finds her wrists bound behind her back.

“a good girlfriend wouldnt put up such a fight.”

he looks up from her loins and smirks

“your mouth is saying no, but your body is saying yes”

her head turns in humuliation.

he told her he loves her.

how could he be doing this to her?

he jumps at a sudden noise, releasing her from beneith him.

she feaverishly seizes the moment to escape, still bound.

she sits there in scilence.

thinking, waiting.

"…but he said he loved me."

The author's comments:
first hand account of a time when i was with a sexually abusive boyfriend.

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