the time before the sun rises

August 8, 2011
is like limbo
its when the entire earth is colored
in washed shades of watercolor grey
a painters canvas
before his pigment has arrived
there are no shadows
as if to hide us so we are all
a part of a 2d landscape

the time before the sun rises
is synonymous with silence if
you care to view it that way
if you choose to ignore
the gently throbbing waves dropping
and sliding
a tiny crescendo
before merging with the lake
once more
if you choose to ignore
the birdsongs the wingbeats
the gentle crunch of feet in the sand
and the almost imperceptible slither
of sky on sky
then i suppose it is silent

the time before the sun rises
is empty
at first glance and yet
if you sit a while it is so very
very full
the whole world is coming to life
as the sky slowly lightens
grey becomes grey
becomes grey
the painter puts pigment to canvas
and the deceiving silence is filled
and just as reluctant as i was to wake
so too is the world
it holds on to night for one more second
and then...

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