August 8, 2011
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The dam broke,
My hearts was skewed,
All over the linoleum floor.
There was no way to tell,
When the time would come,
And there's no turning back now.

As the regular sure of frustration, anger, and pain
Rushed through my veins,
I was unsure of which path to go.
But no longer did I care,
Nor do I now,
For I ,now, am back to my normal, numb feeling.

I have no more confusions,
And only a hint of anger.
But isn't that what helps the world go 'round?
It's not all about happiness and comfort-ability.
Those things are nice and great, indeed.
But then the world would be too soft,
Unable to hold up the weight of pain and greed.
For without Pain, you need'nt any Love,
And without Love you need'nt any Hate or Pain.
And if the world was kept neutral,
Wouldn't that be a bland and scary place?

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