Youthful wisdom

July 26, 2011
By velvetirony78 BRONZE, Rockton, Illinois
velvetirony78 BRONZE, Rockton, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
respect is one thing you can always give someone no matter what

A slow steady-
Is not so bad.
Sometimes those wise leaders-
Can’t see what you see-
Blessed through naiveté.

Keep smiling because you have strength
Don’t focus on those that laugh at this
For they envy you for this.
Keep belief that the world only gets better
When the others fly by their days.

And during their show
Decide first if you should be in the cast…
Is what I would say to her.
That miniature belle
May have rung different
But she respectfully and politely,
Just like her kind,
Was different from them.

The author's comments:
Being a Sunday school teacher I’ve learned to work pretty well with pay attention to the kids to pick up different signs they would give me through tone, actions, and practically anything. And seeing things from their world was pretty fascinating. I learned things from them that I had let myself forget growing up. Though I can’t really say that I’m completely grown up but yet I still let things in my life disappear and I’ve seen it in a lot of the adults as well and I felt inspired to encourage the kids to try and keep these lessons that they know now that adults are struggling with and maybe their will be better hope for them when they are adults.

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