I, Cryptic

July 26, 2011
By bledcolors GOLD, Mishawaka, Indiana
bledcolors GOLD, Mishawaka, Indiana
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a seasoned veteran, your soft pitched mourns,
why are you always so hopeless?
an eager storyline, your hand imprints,
why are you always so hopeless?

tell me why

still stuck tangling with this, tangled inside of you,
romance is arcane, reached it's boiling point,
and it sits so bold, so fervent

we, the sway of currents,
the warmth of glaciers,
granted the flesh surface of shared sovereignty,
when it's all too sudden to be true

tell me why

serve your bittersweet venom,
I've been swallowing wintry whispers one night too many,
I was smarter than to lend down a rope to coil at the touch of minefields

my apothecary, my ballerina,
dance me to my grave by the gulp,
so every day I don't show on your front porch,
as a bouquet of forget-me-do's in the shape of a body

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