Six PM

July 26, 2011
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Professor Plum.

In the kitchen

With a…

Steak knife,

On a cutting board.

Dinner time.

Savory hints of thyme and basil

Drifting into far corners.

Seeping into the walls.


Someone. Was

In my bedroom.

With... (what?)

Enter if you dare.


Splashes of…

What is that?


Windows thrown open in delight.

Sunshine pouring in.

Clothes being whipped around.

Books shoved in corners.

The room. Shaking.

Musical earthquake.

Curses of stubbed toes on bedposts.

Throbbing of back base found in footnotes

Chiming of church bells off in a distance.

Pause… Shhhh… What was that?


Thudding of footsteps on stair steps.

Wafting in of hot oven air

And the scent of something sweet.

There’s mom.

In the kitchen.

With a steak knife.

And a cutting board.

And it’s dinnertime.

Time: Six PM.

In my house.

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