One Sided

July 26, 2011
It's been 3 years
I've loved you that long
but nothing between us exists
Because you have no knowledge
Of the crush I have
They say that ignorance is bliss
It's so one sided
I was tired of being alone
I gave my heart to another
She broke, then put it back together
But at the end of the day
You didn't like her
So I left her for you
What good did that do?
It's all one sided
You say I'm different from your other guy friends
The others all fell for you
You don't know that I did too
And it's all one sided
And now I'm caught in the web of deceit
With no room to move forward
So rather than dig my hole any deeper,
I think I'll stop looking for buried treasure
Doesn't matter anyway
It was all one sided

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