Eyes of a Tree

July 26, 2011
By , Columbus, GA
I used to see a part of You in everything.
You were in the trees, in the winds and the clouds,
Your voice sung with the music from violin strings
That played with such severe beauty that You cut into my soul and surround
Me with a perilous crowd of comfort when I agreed to let You in.

But my eyes have faded and Thou hath left me blind.
I see no more uniqueness for this cruel world
That has taken from me my sound mind.
I hear not peaceful music or see a steady river, there is only darkness
For which I succumb to.
This forest of trees is haunted. You have left it, as I believe You have left me.
There is now chaos, there is hate, there is depression, there is emptiness.
A hollow space for which I can not fit and I am left to rot in this place.
And Your brother waits for me.
Indulging in those demons that live in these trees.
From me, I have been robbed of myself and when I want to curl and hide
You sit there, on my shoulder mocking me to keep me from rest.

Well I give in; I give up for I hath lost what little faith my frail soul did possess.
Lost in a forest of oak trees, towering over me, will You not help me?
Will this be my last prayer?
I cannot find myself, who I am, in this dark forest which tree must I be?
A shrub I believe.
One that no one will see and no bright flowers to attract any bees.

Is this what you believe? That I have created in you only leaves with small stems?
I am one who created those towering oak trees, designed the very roots and bark that cover them.
It is not dark, for there is light in the eyes of these trees.
From that light you will find a river, you will find that peaceful music,
A sound mind within the breeze.

Find Me.
I have a path for you, succumb to that path and the darkness from my
Brother’s demons will fade.
Do not ever deny your faith to me beautiful child, in you is more than a tree.
You are a mountain that rest over valleys and many waters.
My creation.
Open again your eyes and see me.

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