Hey, world.

July 25, 2011
By NeviChanges BRONZE, Homer, Alaska
NeviChanges BRONZE, Homer, Alaska
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Hey world, how you doing today?

The sun is up and I'm feeling great,
while I'm watching the birds fly and the people laughing,
the burning sun set and the glowing moon rising.

but now I'm looking at the face of the man on the moon...
he's looking down at us, and he ain't doing so good.

Hey world,how you doing today?

There's a war going, I'm not feeling to great...
I feel you tremble beneath my feet,

I guess watching people die, kill, and lay down in defeat,
just fills up your day between the poverty, discrimination, and the mistreat...

Hey world, how you doing today?

My heart feels heavy, and i got to much to say...

the world is ending, but otherwise...I'm feeling okay

The author's comments:
I wrote this one day when i was fed up with everything, all the poverty, wars, unfairness...and i guess this came out...

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