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July 25, 2011
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One with passion,
One with love, harmony and peace
Take me away from this agony and save me.
Lead me on to a better place and set me free,
Let me dance to the melody of your beautifully hand crafted instrument.
Bring out the depthness from your heart and take charge of the rhythm that flows in through the wind.
Sway with me and give me light, shine wisdom upon my newly discovered talent, let me inside your mind, open up to me, give me knowledge, give me sight.
Let me see the beauty of life.
I want to feel the booming of your drums hit me like a pain to my chest and caress every part of me and just let me be.
Thumping louder as it rises up into me until I can breathe no more and my head pounds as I move to the symphony of strings and find myself being plucked as my neck line is being tightly gripped by the artist of all artists who randomly started out as just a kid.
These notes fly through me and soar into the audience leaving me breathless.
I live on music as it flows through my veins, hitting the heart, moving into my brain.
It’s just a feeling so natural when it comes to fame and these instruments play going against the grain.
And the crowd goes insane as the gracefulness of the melody performs its self filling the nothingness of our souls.
The orchestra intensifies,
The beating of my heart slowly deteriorates,
And the instrumental movement emerges from the valley of beyond.

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