Counting Stars

August 5, 2011
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I lay upon the green grass counting each and every star

As I still sit and wonder where in this world you are

My eyes are blood-shot I have yet to sleep

It’s been 2 weeks without a peep

The Stars so bright so glamorous too

I wish to find a way to get to you

It has yet to reveal the truth that Each Time I cry

Another star begins to die

I miss your arms wrapped around my waist

Another love has been yet another waste

So now I sit in sorrowed tears

And try not to think of all my fears

The Stars still shine but it’s never the same

Because with you the lights played a game

It filled the air with a special remain

As I sit and slowly disappear into the pain

My thoughts of you will never die away

The memories are imprinted into my heart and mind

I still wish that things were different and you could stay

But now I have to move on and need another kind

Of life to live with you not here

But yet again I lay upon the green grass counting each and every star

I match them with a reason to love you and now I know that your better where you are

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