Dear God

June 27, 2011
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love sex me him flesh bone soul kindness hatred hurt loneliness pain soul evil
can all be in one embodiment
in every creation of yours
am i truly a reflection of you
could i be
do you always influence me
do i ever disappoint
what do you want of me
what is my purpose
what is the purpose
of all i go through
so many doubts
so many questions
swarm inside of me
i pray to you
not for the answers
but the promise that
in the end
all will be revealed
that it will be found to be
just the beginning
that you will love me
as i have always loved you
i thank you
for him
you have answered all my prayers
you give me not what i want but
instead what i need
but not 'till the moment i
truly need it
for this i truly thank and love you
please help my mom and Scott it hurts us all with him like this
-your most loyal daughter

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