Numbed by Pain

June 26, 2011
Tears streak down slowly
And my body pulses with pain
I don’t know why I do this to myself

Am I that used to hurt?
Pain is the strongest feeling
That spreads throughout my veins
And apparently I cling to it
For it’s all that I have left

A water drop traces the curve of my cheek
And my emotional pain
Becomes physical eventually
I put myself in these situations

It’s my fault, I presume
But I guess I choose it because I’m used to it

The only persistent thing in life
The only constant
Is pain
And it’s entwined within my soul

Pain is horrible
But allows me to cling on tight
And on several occasions
Doesn’t let me go
So maybe that’s why I cry
To allow myself to be caught
By the claws of pain
Because although they may be sharp
I eventually numb out

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