Dear Girl With the Broken Heart

June 24, 2011
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She is that girl on the corner who smiles every time you drive by.
She is that girl in the grocery store, dressed in rags, buying more in food than she has in money spare.
She is that girl you think can’t be a day over 16 nursing a child, and one more on the way but no father in sight.
She is that girl you see walking in the rain, but don’t take the time to give a ride to.
She is that girl who has the biggest, most broken-est heart that anyone has ever hurt.
She is that girl who everyone wants to make love to, but no one wants to love.
She is that girl who paints a smile on her face to cover up the bruises.
She is that girl who let in the wrong person and now has a spot missing in her somewhere that she fills with all of the wrong feelings.
She’s that girl who sells her body on the bad part of town because she’s not pretty enough to pull the bigger tricks.
I sometimes see you walking alone and wonder how such a pretty girl can always have a broken heart. You sometimes see me driving and wonder why I stare. I fight back the urge to stop my car and scream at my windshield.
In a flash, I am back in my room staring at the ceiling, wondering why you’re not lying next to me. I’m the guy who wants to fix you.
You’ve been left behind more times than children in the education system.
You’ve been broken more times than a Dave Matthew’s Band CD.
Dear Girl of my Dreams: Why can’t you wake me up!? I lay right here, always.
Fighting for your attention,
I can never seem to get.
Vying for that one chance,
A bulls-eye I can never hit.
Girl of my slumber,
Who I never can find.
For when I am sleeping,
Is the only time you’re mine.

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