Nature's Revolt

August 5, 2011
It cries in silence
With each slice of the blade
It begs for help
Yet no one can hear the language of a tree
As people try carve their names with love
All they cause is pain
A tree that gives oxygen
But in return only receives pain
The tree begins to moan to itself
Growing angry, vicious and wild
The tree takes one of his branches and sharpens the end
Ready to attack
He takes a child
The child in shock looks up
Glaring at the enormity of the tree
And the child starts to whimper
The tree takes his leaves and gags the child
So that the child can no longer
Or mope
The tree calls the ivy of the nature
The child hears nothing
Yet the ivy immediately wraps around the child’s feet and arms
The child is now motionless
Then he begins to cut names into the child’s
And legs
The child tries to scream, to move
But in fruitless attempts
The child cannot speak the language of nature
It is not through words or actions
Rather by feeling
By connection with the earth and all of its creatures
The child stares at the markings
Names such as
Are engraved in his skin
The names of nature
The pain of human

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