August 5, 2011
By byebyeXD BRONZE, Sukabumi, West Java, Other
byebyeXD BRONZE, Sukabumi, West Java, Other
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stop making me sad to talk about them! I'm very uncomfortable with whole vocabulary associated with them and let me shuffle the letters in the word brother to bother
as an only child, I could feel the tears behind my skin when I hear people say 'siblings'
everyone at my school said: "my sister always nosy" or "my sister sucks" while I? what should I say?
I'm jealous, and I admit it ...
and even fictional short stories about brother and sister can make me really jealous
I feel alone when they hear a brother call his sister a sister that tenderly, or a sister that tenderly caressing her younger sister
it's all I really want a brother

The author's comments:
for someone who never born...
but I hope that you will born :)

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