It doesn't exist

August 5, 2011
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Its everywhere
So common that it goes unnoticed by so many in our daily lives.
Very essential in order for survival and yet very little aknowledged.
Its everywhere, it sees all, its been from the ends of the earth and back again many times. It has seen the rise of every civilization and the fall of every great kingdom.
Very real to us now....yet why?
You cannot see it,
You can rarely hear it and only when you are truly listening.
You cannot taste it
You cannot smell it
You cannot feel it is still there. Is it not?
It can be as soft as a soothing breeze on a hot summers day
Or as harsh as a hurricane destroying many houses and killing off thousands of lives. People often put the blame on other things when they think of this but when it comes down to it its just the air....
It is in everything...
Just because you can't see something...doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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