Bipolar Myths

August 5, 2011
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Oh no, it’s bipolar!
You best go run and hide
Never know when it’ll flip
It’s moods just can’t decide

It’s miserable, depressed
Then the next minute, ecstatic
Terrible things, those mood swings
Must be so problematic

Poor thing, it’s been infected
With this terrible disease
Is this what people really think?
Really, Society? Please.

Bipolar means you’re sick?
Then I guess I’m insane
I must hate my life
Must be in so much pain

But then I guess that if
It’s true what people say
I’m all over the place
Oh what a sad cliché

Contrary to your notions
I’m doing just fine
Living day to day
With this ‘handicap’ of mine

So don’t pity me
For the functions in my brain
I’m okay, I promise
Moods perfectly maintained

We’re all out of control
We’re completely crazy
Can’t live a normal life
Oh these ideas, how they amaze me

So listen up, real close
‘Cause what I say is true
We ‘bipolars,’ we’re just people
The same, as sane as you

Refuse to be influenced
By what’s believed or said
Don’t conform to the ignorance
So easily mislead

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Ashley_Tucker said...
Apr. 29, 2012 at 4:45 pm
I'm insulted that you would think all people with bipolar are absolutely fine. It's not called bipolar for nothing. Most people with bipolar spend years finding a medicatoin balance that works good for them. And they still have bad days, even if they are okay most of the time. Sure they aren't all nutjobs. But, that doesn't mean that society should assume they're all okay. Bipolar is the farthest thing from a black and white illness. There's an inbetween. They need are support, not ignorance.
DaniKira replied...
May 1, 2012 at 5:21 pm

My intentions were not to persuade people to think that bipolar disorder is no big deal. I understand that it is a serious condition, from first-hand experience. I do understand how it can be interpreted as you described, but the poem was intended to steer the ignorant majority away from the idea that all people who suffer from the condition are “nutjobs”. I don’t want society to assume that they’re all completely fine, nor would I expect it to, however I want it to be... (more »)

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