A little Rhyme about Me

July 29, 2011
World of mine telling me your mine?Wait what your who? Oh Me I'm Brittaney Peacock right ,I am a Junir even thougH I may look like a Senior, Ya Totally.How old are you?What who cares how old I am, No seriously how old are you man ok I'm 18 years old.Where you from? Are you seriously asking me where I am from? Yes I am, ok Well I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico and no it's not Mexico It's New Mexico.Do you have any pets? What who the heck doesn't own a pet? Yes of course I have pets 5 to be exact 3 cats 1 dog and 1 rabbit named Sassy,Maddy,Octoberia, Texanna, and Jaina...Yo man I am here , your where. I'm here don't you see me ? Oh see you yeah. Yo what you doing? Me I'm rapin like this Yo my name is brittaney I may be on 18 but I can see your a little Eighty year old with a small treat.Yo I may be 5'4 but hey Guess what I can dunk a ball even though I am so freakin small. I maybe be from the slow side of the willow but I got the knowledge from my ma.i may not be able to sing but I sure as heck can beat you at other things haha. Smiles sweetly.

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