July 29, 2011
By XxLIFExX SILVER, Clarksville, New York
XxLIFExX SILVER, Clarksville, New York
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"One day your life is gonna flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching" --Gerard Way

Only speaking when told to,
or when spoken to
For fear that she'll become somebody
more than she's worth
The sky begins to darken
along with her mood
The numb feeling that she always has
isn't because of ice
Her constant headaches
could be the cause of something more
All she wants to do
is be nobody
Sadly, although it's just to a few
she is somebody
But that is enough
enough to keep her here for a little longer
Only speaking when spoken to
or when told to
For fear that she'll break down into tears
because it's all too real
She's nobody
because nobody will be remembered.

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