One More Day

August 1, 2011
By Anonymous

In his dreams,
She was picking him up,
Swinging him around,
His legs hit the sky,
His laughter could be heard from miles away.
Her smile lit up the rainy day,
She pushed him on the swing,
As he screamed to go higher and higher.
She obeyed and until he yelled with joy,
She pushed,
Then she picked him up
And put him on the slide.
He was so small,
His arms could hold only one side at a time.
His legs hung yards away from the edge.
She was his air when he breathed
She was his heart when it beat
I heard her laugh as he hung helplessly,
Upside down on the monkey bars,
Too scared to let go,
Terrified of falling.
She was the sun in his sky.
She was the light of his life.
Wish he had one more day with her.
One day to pour his heart and soul out.

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