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July 31, 2011
By cheshirepwn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
cheshirepwn SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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The world around you
So full of life an exuberence
so full of hate an despair
but when darkness comes
to take us away
the shadows cloud over
all the debree we created
as our hearts where never meant
never meant to be conjoined
and the darkness that ensued
shall cloud the whole world.
We wander this land in stale little dreams
nocturnal and quiet we make our plights
The world is large full of weird things
nobody knows what the future shall bring
but the darkness will guide us
livid an bleak
shower us with daunting smiles an meaks
we raise up our chalus
toasting our sins
as we drink in the evil
that has beaten us again
the scars on our body
digress in our mind
an blood pours soothinly
beneath the stars
our armor decays
as the whip licks on
tearing our flesh an fraying our mind
but when darkness comes
our smiles return
for as we stand broken
we are united
an blood pours soothingly
beneath the stars.

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