July 31, 2011
I've been captured. Imprisoned in this warm and beautiful place. I don't think i wanna leave. I feel bonded with the owner of this cage. I've been enslaved. I wanna make my owner happy. I've lost all interest in personal safety. I have'nt been me lately. The owners compassion has changed my personality. I feel like i should be overrun by jelousy for the previous occupier of my new empty capacity. I feel like a housebroken animal bounded by chains. Locked in this cage. But oddly comfortable && willing to stay. I'm not in my regular enviornment yet have quickly adapted. Learned to survive happiness && with my owners help. Build a bridge over sadness. From time to time reffering back to my instincts && play with my old habits. But I always am loyal to one person no matter what I do. I love one person && always trust her with the truth. My owner. My love, my obsession, you. 51411 F&A  
I love you Shavonna Hilliard

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