July 31, 2011
By laterallyspeaking GOLD, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
laterallyspeaking GOLD, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
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"Reality bites with a variety of sizes of teeth." ~ Tony Follari

The sun sets on this barren town.

I watch it set from the comfort of my home. Warmth.

In stark contrast to the winter sun that is setting before my eyes.

And somewhere out there, you’re watching the same sunset.

I know. And we sit there and stare at the sun together as if the simultaneous viewing would somehow give the illusion that we’re closer together than we really are.

But we both know it doesn’t work like that.

And so the sun sinks further down as varying hues of blue and purple creep onto the scene.

An indigo sky paints this twilight setting.

A liminality much like our own.

I reach out to touch the sky and you do the same and for just that instant I can practically feel your flesh on mine and I smile.

I smile because I know that someday I’ll be back to stare at the sunset with you, and we won’t even have to reach to the sky.

The sun sets on this barren little town, and I’m wishing you were here.

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