Breaking Chains

July 31, 2011
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Bonds that I never wanted broken

Out of familiarity and that comfortable feeling of peace I kept them on, shackled by my own design

And now they lay before me in tatters, one single brace left attached to me at the wrist.

Pulling me.

Pulling me towards the broken remains of that which was, urging me to pick up the pieces and forge a new chain to return it to that which is.

Transformed. Better.


And now I must decide.

I can do exactly this and live my life in the comfortable shackles that tie me down.

But what happens if I decide to take that slowly rusting brace and break it?

Completely shatter everything that was, is, and could be.

I could do that instead, and thrust myself into this new world with renewed mobility. Would I be happy then?

Or perhaps I’ll be struck down before I’ve had my chance, straying from the safety of that which I know and have come to love.

But I can’t wait. Soon this rusting brace shall dissolve of its own accord and I will be left with nothing.

Sitting in the dark corner as what was my comfortable prison looms around me.

A dark, infinite expanse.

I can’t let this all happen again.

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