Flight of the Premiere Player

July 31, 2011
To sprint across a humid field
The rush of wind so clear
Is like parachuting off a plane
Without an ounce of fear

To chase after the black and white
Dancing to a runner's tune
Is like chasing away a ghost
Under the translucent moon

To see the grass stain my cleats
Consuming the banana yellow
Is like going to England
And meeting some hot fellow

To hear rambunctious cheering
Seeping into my ears
Is like being a pioneer
Settling the new frontiers

To be fouled aggressively
By a player with a deceptive smile
Is like going to a fashion show
And forgetting you have no style

To sweat out the muscled pain
Vibrating heatedly with every step
Is like facing the odds in an argument
With a bully prep

To reach behind the enemy line
Tap dancing with the monster in the goal
Is like running for re-election
While neutral in the poll

To feel triumphant victory
When the net invites the ball
Really has no comparison
To anything I can recall

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