Trust No One

July 31, 2011
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I remember that day,
the day it all went down,
I remember you promised me
you'd always be around.
You looked me in the eyes,
and told me the biggest lie,
now I know who you really are.

You meant everything to me,
without you, I was lost. I told you
I never wanted to lose you,
I never wanted to have to walk
in the dark alone again.
You took my hand and you promised me,
and that moment I believed.

You were my rock and I was thin paper,
you kept me on the ground
when the wind threatened to
wisp me away. You were always there
when I looked back.

The moment I found out it was all
a lie, the stars seemed to fall out
of the sky. Everything was dark,
the moon was nowhere to be found,
and I was left alone, trying not
to make a sound.

I told you all my secrets,
everything felt so right, I'll
probably never see you again,
darling, I can't sleep through the
night. I thought you'd keep your
promise, but boy I was fooled,
I should have looked into your eyes,
and known you were no good.

Now I look in the mirror,
and see the scars you've left,
I look into my broken heart, and
wonder how will I repair it again?
I look into my sad brown eyes,
and promise myself this
"I won't fall to hard for anyone,
because they'll never pick you
up off the ground." I look
into the secrets that I hold, and
say "Trust no one."

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