Gate Way.

July 30, 2011
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It started as a gate way out of life.
Then turned into a laughing game.
More and more people joined the fun.
It was the rush of freedom that got me by.
Sitting by the fires laying down with friends.
Dancing to head starts to spin.
The rush of everything happening so fast.
Kept me going and I wanted it to last.
Now relaxing and talking just having some fun.
One hit to many now I'm down for the run.
It hit so fast but everything was slow.
Everything was still til it started to grow.
My mind went into a panic.
My heart started to race.
I lost my breath.
I fell into a pace.
Paranoid and scared out of my mind.
That's when I told myself this is my last time.
The fear of not waking up ran through my head.
But all I wanted to do was go to bed.
Tossing and turning I couldn't stay still.
With the fear of falling asleep.
Wandering if I will.
Awake the next morning.
Or lay there still.

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