A Tennis Shoe's Letter to Dancing Music

July 30, 2011
Dear music,
If you could be so kind
As to slow the beat,
It would be greatly appreciated-
You see, my soles aren’t as thick as they used to be
And I’m wearing thin
I can’t keep up with you the way I used to.
My laces are fraying
And my toes are scuffed.
On my right sole is three day old gum
And a smooshed ant carcass from the parking lot on my left.
There’s a hole wearing in the big toe on both feet
And I don’t think I’m ready for the garbage just yet.
I’d like to make the most of my value,
Especially because I’m the favorite pair.
If I didn’t have to move as quick and nimble
Then I wouldn't tear and tire like I do now.
You don’t need to go as far as a love song-
I’m not in a real romantic mood,
But just something more like an easy step-touch
That won’t make me look like I have two left feet
Would be greatly appreciated.
Your friend,
The green tennis sneakers

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