It Sounded Like a Heartbeat

July 30, 2011
By laterallyspeaking GOLD, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
laterallyspeaking GOLD, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
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Play my drums to the beating of your heart.
Pay attention to the tempo rising and falling with every breath.
Inhale, exhale.
It makes your heart work harder.
Suddenly we wake up from the dream and our hearts pound in our chest.
It hurts.
Just sitting up is an overexertion.
What happened during that dream?
We can hardly remember, but we know it was breathtaking and horrible and magnificent.
Afterimages flash through our minds like suppressed memories just a bit too strong to be kept chained.
And suddenly my heart wrenches because I remember the dream.
I remember what happened.
And it was so much better than this.
The drums were beating in time and we could dance to the rhythm without losing the steps.
I can’t quite remember the rhythm but it’s somewhere in the back of my mind…
Ah, yes.
It sounded like a heartbeat.

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