July 30, 2011
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Had this problem so long
Its become a struggle
Confused because you starting to think
You just held on a tad to long
Trying to right all wrongs
Torturing your mind with love songs
Breaking ones soul with thoughts of where I went wrong.
I start to believe the devil blessed me
Cause God seen my sin
From the start I new this was
A battle I wouldn't win
But ever so often I get a taste of hope
And like a man in famine
I want more
If I left it alone I wouldn't settle for less
But for something I didn't want
I show my emotions like a empty store front
People have said the youth is confused
But I'm quite convinced we know what we want
We just hate the fact that we must choose
So we break the broken rules
They placed for us to abide
Life is hard as is
So why not look for a free ride
And why must every thing be separated?
I thought we ended apartheid.
I didn't no I had to leave my mind
To see where my heart lied
Try to act tough
Because getting hurt ain't smart
And crying the dark don't help
No body
Pillows don't like it
They get soggy
Ever told you too sensitive
And tried to change
Realising this ain't the way to live
Ever valued someones feelings
More then your own
Knowing that your sticks and stones would break they bones. And kept quiet while they threw they rocks
If not then hear me clear
If you never had heart ache stand tall
But if u can relate to anything u heard
Bless me with not a sound or word
Just Silence....

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