July 30, 2011
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I want to write but it’s like none of the words want to come out
I want to draw but my feelings can’t be expressed in paper and colored pencil.
A retreat to poetry seems like a good way out.
But nothing on my mind seems to rhyme
I seek a friend who can help fight the darkness.
Not guide me to the closest light.
I sleep all day and night because it’s the only time I’m welcomed by your sight
I take my time to dream up these nightmares
If I’m going to see, you why not do it in the bare
Hold me tight and never let go.
Tell me what your world is like with that unforgivable w****.
Whisper it should have been me not some me wanna-be.
Not the little baby Nicky
I way goodbye to your appearance and wish for my one true prince.
I leave my life behind
And I am highjacked with thoughts of you blowing up in the mines.
I no longer taking my sleep like a cat in heat,
But when I need it most I welcome it as the safety net draw him out.
Now I lay me down to sleep where I dream of the ones I could not keep.

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