“Sweet Friendship”

August 3, 2011
I met her threw my last love.
As our friendship was nice like peaceful doves.
She was an outstanding friend from the start.
As we began to place each others part like art.

She is funny when she wants to have a blast.
As I didn’t know her unless it was the past.
She is nice and calm when she is at peace.
As I sense our bond increase.

We laugh and spend time like little playful puppies.
As we both know we will grow into friendly huskies.
We are like brother and sisters together.
We fight like raging weather.

She is so energetic and I am so calm.
I understand why, as I place my hand on her palm.
We walk away in a family matter.
As we have the world around us, as we listen to the waterfalls spatters.

We sit here talking to each other.
As we stand beside each with one another.
Open arms just in case she feels depressed.
She knows I am there when she is stressed.

I love her as my lil sister.
As she knows I will swoop in to assist her.
I put my heart in our friendship.
As I build my collection like a Airship.

So here we are on this night.
As I am her bright and shining night.
Sent here to help and protect.
As we are wrecked..

Our future is complete.
As we stand together as a fleet.
As we end this like musicians.
We end this Transmission.

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praveenbryonadamrocks said...
Aug. 6, 2011 at 5:05 am
Lonexwolf replied...
Aug. 11, 2011 at 10:42 pm
Thank you bro. 
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