Atomic Tangerine

August 3, 2011
By SparkyBliss2011 SILVER, Dumas, Texas
SparkyBliss2011 SILVER, Dumas, Texas
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Strutting his stuff up and down Main Street,
Hands in his pockets,
Humming a song from the party last night,
His shirt glowing in the dazzling sunlight,
His pockets lined with cocktail napkins smothered in the digits of his adoring “fans,”
Calling everyone “dude”, male or female,
He is fun-loving, loud, and outgoing,
He is the Varsity quarterback,
He is rebellious, recreational, and rambunctious,
With his captivating scent of cedar and musk,
Rocking an eccentric tee,
In a shade that would make Velma from Scooby Doo proud,
Driving his soft top Jeep Wrangler like a bat out of hell,
Down a dirt road to make it to the party punctually,
His shirt singing from the shadows of the loft,
Later, strutting his stuff up and down Main Street.

The author's comments:
My Creative Writing teacher entered the classroom and instructed us to choose a crayon from the box. Then we were to write a poem giving it a personality/attitude all its own.

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