Arriving for Departure

August 3, 2011
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We’re back into the swing of things, the sun falls beneath our heads…

Through our trials and tribulations, each one of us waits, patiently
At our own station, for the train we call Life

We’ll make new friends and enemies, some people may disappear.
In a cloud of steam they are gone.

But we will remember the ones who have glimpsed into our souls
And who have understood the passion of what we strive for
And the droning percussion of our dreams.

I am waiting at my station, for it is my foundation
That I wish to repair and re-make, anew.

With this rucksack on my back, this instrument in my arms
I will make an impact on the Earth
Upon this platform that we share

Through our trials and tribulations we will find our destinations
And conquer the mountains which lie before us

But before the sun falls beneath the zenith of our crowns
We shall seize the day, we shall follow our rails
And have conquered our many mountains tall.

For within us is a steam-fed train gliding across the tracks
Each day bringing forth our destination
And eventually leads us back to our beginning

“And moving mountains ain't nothing to me. Have faith enough to cast them to the sea; but I don't know the first thing about love.”

-Thrice, Moving Mountains

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