Such a Sweet Song, Salvation

August 3, 2011
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Dense smoke marches in from towers of steel
Coming in across plains and oceans of sand.
It has all of us asking, “Is this God’s given plan?”

Will we feel the sun as her warmth turns to dust?
Or find fear in a system that once we did trust?
They’ll claim to come in and cleanse this land
Yet bones will be buried under dry blood and sand.

A cold silver beacon stands tall in the heavens
Shouting signals of pain and despair
But our screams, our tears, will be lost to the air.

For with deathly trees of steel and glass
They have taken our meaning, our sight on the past

Through the chaos and flames erupts anarchy.
Through the smoke and terror comes fear.
This fear will lead us through the
World in which we have come to live
While they turn the back on the cross
They consider us dead. We are only a cost.
Just animals to feed, keep skin on our bones
The flames hold us in, have us entombed.

They bring in these creatures, skin pale white
With dark instruments of death
We run for our lives.

Across vast stretches of mud, we hold onto hope
A shallow ledge of freedom we soon wish to grasp
The sun meets the stars, another dark day has passed.

The car is on fire, thunder rolls down the streets
On six wheels of lead tearing pavement from roads
Bodies from heads.

Yet on dark desert trails we journey for life,
Unaware of the demons who stalk us at night.
We fight for salvation, fight for what’s right.
For when each breath you take
Could be your last
Strive for the future
And embrace the past.

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