I'm Not Perfect, But Neither Are You

August 3, 2011
You see wood,
I see Mahogony.
You see a forest,
I see the trees.
You see a girl,
I see me.
A girl who can't be,
What you want me to be.
I do so much,
To make you proud.
But you look right through me,
Like I'm nothing but a cloud.
Please tell me,
What should I do?
How do I make you happy,
How can I please you?
I shouldn't be asking,
It shouldn't be expected of me,
I'm the child,
What's it gonna take for you to see?
But I can't do this anymore,
I'm finally done.
I'm done trying to be good enough,
And I'm done trying to be a daughter to a man who doesn't seem to want one.

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