You + Me + You = Us

August 2, 2011
By MiyukiSawada24 SILVER, Allentown, Pennsylvania
MiyukiSawada24 SILVER, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Never spend your own money when you can use someone elses.

My best friends are the two of you
1 boy two girls, a whole to view

I run away because I'm definetly it
no need to worry cuz you'll catch me, lickily split

Then we'll start to play hide n' go seek
I'm under the stairwell don't you dare n' peek

I'll run to you, each time you skin your knee
We'll make it better, 1...2...3

I like it when you smile because i have to smile too
Just being around you makes my cheeks scream boo-hoo

Constant joy constant excitement
Palms full of friendship, that's what's inside it

You + me + you = us
That's all the math I'll ever need, simply a must

Remember that one day, that day in the park
We all got married and promised to stay sweet at heart

That's one of my fondest memory
Look at us now still best friends at 3 hundred and 3

We took our vows and kept them true
Always together me plus two
Since the first day I met the both of you
Was my happiest genie wish, absoluetly the truth

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