The Power of Love & Hate!

August 2, 2011
By MiyukiSawada24 SILVER, Allentown, Pennsylvania
MiyukiSawada24 SILVER, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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The power of love & hate
Is an inevitable destined fate
You can choose which one you seek
But it’s impossible to know which one you can beat

Hate is a feeling that gives you uncontrollable power
A desire of angry that’s enriched within an hour
You have this intense feeling that you think is very strong
It feels so damn good but it doesn’t last very long
Because you fight for yourself and care for only you
You have this unexceeding power that takes over you too

But love is a feeling of an encouraging light
It’s a feeling of all sorts of wondrous delight
At times it may not feel as strong as hate
But I can bet you the fights’ going to be straight
Love is powerful, because you just won’t give up
No matter what you feel, you just won’t ever stop

Unlike love hate is a fear
That brings lots of unwanted heart-wrenching tears
You may feel torn and all broken up inside
You fight until you’ve had it, cuz you just don’t wanna die
In love you feel the will to never give up
You fight for someone else and won’t ever shut up

Even though you may feel that you’re not very strong
That your body has had it and you just cannot go on
You’ll find that will-power that’s shining extremely bright
And you won’t ever stop until you've won THAT FIGHT

See hate is a reckless untamable power
But love is something that you strongly desire
Whether you fight for yourself or you fight for others
No matter which one it is, you’re fighting with GREAT POWER

I bet your wondering which one I think is great
Believe me……its love not hate

The author's comments:
This is a very moving poem i wrote to understand the difference in emotions of love and hate.

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