fallen love

August 2, 2011
By PuppyKaufman SILVER, Winthrop, Maine
PuppyKaufman SILVER, Winthrop, Maine
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two wrongs dont make a right

The day shall come,
When we must fulfill an oath,
Lost in time.

From dirt we came,
To dirt we shall we go,
There is no beating this,
Our ageless foe.

Our love shall stretch
Through the impregnable
Barrier of death.

Across the ages,
Across time,
Across the universe
Shall it go.
Never aging,
Never lessening,
Though the curse shall doom us Both.

The same end shall come to thee.
For death for thee,
Is as hard as immortality is
For me.

To tend a flame ,
To watch it grow,
Nurture it to inferno.
Only to watch it wither and die,
Time after time.
Cannot stop it,
Cannot slow it.

Nothing I do makes a difference,
Each time a love shall die.
Each time I shall cry.

Unable to join one,
Unable to accept the peacefulness
Of everlasting slumber.
Forced to wander,
To endure.
To wonder if there is a cure.
Makes no difference,
What I say or do,
Your demise shall come,
As shall the pain.

Oh the agony!
Being forced to watch
Those I love tortured am I,
Unable to stop it,
Unable to end it.
Forced to watch every time.

As I stay young,
You grow old.
Until you turn to dust,
And return to the dirt
From which you came.

I know not what to do,
I pray and to god to accept me ,
Yet fallen am I,
From grace.

An angel am I
A Fallen angel.
Death eludes me,
But not pain,
Never pain.

To spare the pain,
Would be to spare the whip.
The punishment of my mistake,
I must live with
In every waking moment,
Though I try,
I cannot die.
For an angel am I.
An angel of filled with pain.

I have lived a thousand lives,
Died a thousand deaths,
Each time I watch the life
Leave your eyes.
Though there is naught I can do,
Still I plead,
Still I do,
Anything for you.

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