What If?

August 2, 2011
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We’ve known each other so long,
Been together through so much,
And there’s times I can’t help but wish
I was yours, and you were mine.
I know that it won’t happen.
I’ve seen how you look at him.
I never stood a chance with you.
I knew that from the start.
But I still can’t stop the “what ifs?"
From running through my head.
What if I was faster?
Could it have been me?
If I understood myself then,
Would you look at me like that?
I know all these are useless,
There’s no way you’d be with me.
I know that if it comes down to it,
You’d probably choose him over me.
It’s not I never knew this,
I knew that this would come.
I should be happy you are
With someone you really love,
But I can’t help but wish that
It was me instead of him.
You’re worth everything to me,
You have been for so long,
And I know I’ll always love you
Even if it’s just from afar.

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