Foul Play

August 2, 2011
From green to purple
From purple to blue
My face is blue
Because of you

From my heart, there's no beat
From my lungs, there's no breath
From my body, there's no heat
Feet and hands, cold as death

No one knows I am here
Freezing cold, unafraid
No voice to cry out with
No one comes to my aid

I am fading, slow, but fast
My time here, almost done
With my legs, if they could move,
I would get up quick and run

The world is changing, shifting
Becoming black, black as night
The echoes of my heart beat
Becoming softer, out of sight

A creeping calmness creeps within me
Infecting all that's left to die
I disappear with your scowl
Scraps of a murder, oh, most foul

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