August 2, 2011
By , Brooklyn, NY
I can’t believe a mother would say that to her own child
User, lazy, crazy and just plain wild
Drives me more insane than anyone else could
Because family has to love you more that anyone would
Family is who you go to when all else is lost
But what do you do when all the lines are crossed
Who do you go to when you have a distant dad?
A bullying brother that’s even worse than bad

Every word she says hurts more than pain
I don’t know why she does is, there can’t be gain
Every cut on my wrist is proof that it hurts
And every step forward I made just stops and reverts

Is it abuse?
Because she kicks me when I’m down
And throws all my faults back into my face
It all seems like some big sick race
To see who cracks first, whose mind is erased?

Why should your problems melt into mine?
Why can’t everything just be left alone when its fine?
Why do I need to be just as miserable as you?
What is a lie and what remains true?

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