Inner Peace

August 2, 2011
By luv2talk183 BRONZE, Lincolnshire, Illinois
luv2talk183 BRONZE, Lincolnshire, Illinois
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There is one thing in this life that we need to accomplish
To not blame things on others, to not make up rubbish
We should try and learn to find peace
Among ourselves, and others- not to tease
To pay attention to important things in life,
Go out on a limb, make it through the strife
When life throws a curve, don’t let it pass by
Embrace it, Pay attention to it, Mabye say hi
Beacause no matter what, things will get better
God would not allow our eyes to get wetter
But without the hardships, the crime, the pain,
This world would be amazing, no people going insane
Yet things are not how they could be
So let us open our eyes, we need to see-
Theres good in others, and in ourselves
We just need to find it, get out of this hell
So embrace your problems, for I’m sure they are small
And open your arms wide, happiness for all

The author's comments:
I wrote this because i always see people lying, cheating, and doing things they will regret. I myself have done things I regret so I think people need to learn to take responsibilities for their actions and rather then ignoring they're problems, to go the extra step and Try To solve them.

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